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The kula-debata or the family deity of the Sarbadhikari Family is situated in Radhanagar Village, in the Hooghly District of West Bengal, in India. 
Ratneshwar Sarbadhikari
[Gen 19] migrated here from Jajpur, Orissa having married the daughter of the local zamindar (land-lord).
The Radha-Krishna image is worshipped daily till today.
The temple of Radhakanta Jiu was built in 1840 (Bangabda 1247 Kartick 30) by
Raja Sitanath Sarbadhikari. It was refurbished in Bangabda 1388 Falgun) by
Subol Sarbadhikari in 1981.
(Here is a glimpse of the deity and the temple.

Family Temple

Family deity

Worshipping Devotees

Radha Krishna

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Radhanagar is also famous for being the birthplace of Raja Rammohun Roy (1772-1833) who was a neighbour and a great family friend of Mathura Mohan Sarbadhikari [Gen 24B]

1915 Prasanna Kumar Sarbadhikari Library was established here.

Presently there is an active and devoted village group which undertakes
various development programmes in the region:

Vill Radhanagar, PO Nangulpara
Dist Hooghly 712 406
Tel (03211) 66246

Prasanna Kumar Sarbadhikari Pathagar- Public Library


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